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Carver Darden Supports the ‘Adopt-A-Cop’ Program This Carnival Season

New Orleans, LACarver, Darden, Koretzky, Tessier, Finn, Blossman & Areaux LLC is pleased to announce the firm's participation in the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation’s Adopt-A-Cop Program for the 2023 Mardi Gras parade season. 

The New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation (NOPJF) Adopt-A-Cop program supports our ‘Krewe in Blue” with hot meals, healthy snacks, and beverages every day and night during Mardi Gras. A majority of NOPD officers will be working 12-hour shifts in a police district or a minimum of eight-hour shifts along the parade route. While keeping Mardi Gras safe, just one officer may stand for 100 hours, respond to 3 medical emergencies, or reunite more than one lost child with their family. By joining forces with several other law firms through the LIFT (Lawyer Initiatives for Tomorrow) membership, the support was able to raise $21,500 for the program and counting. At the time of this press release over 25 law firms agreed to participate in the NOPJF Adopt-A-Cop Program.  This contribution will feed over 40 police officers for a week during the carnival season and display our sincere gratitude for keeping Mardi Gras safe. 

“The legal community has been incredibly generous in their support of the Foundation's Adopt-a-Cop Mardi Gras Support initiative,” said Melanie Talia, the foundation’s president, and CEO. “Through their donation of $21,500, NOPJF will support all of our first responders throughout the 12 days of Carnival while revelers yell for throws, climb their ladders, and celebrate with family and friends. After all, there’d be no purple, green, and gold without the blue!"

“We want everyone to experience a great Mardi Gras and what the police do to ensure the safety of the community and visitors to the city is simply extraordinary,” said Rob Stassi, Managing Member of Carver Darden.  “If we can show our support by providing meals, then it is the least we can do.  Over 1.4 million people typically participate in Mardi Gras each year and the NOPD is a huge reason that we all get to celebrate.”

The firm encourages contributions to our officers while they commit to the long hours ensuring our safety during Mardi Gras season. As little as $10 a day will feed a first responder on duty while we are out enjoying the parades. 

Make a contribution by visiting this link: or Send a check written out to “New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation” to 141 Allen Toussaint Blvd., #210, New Orleans, LA 70124. Make to the attention of Melanie Talia.